Joann’s Haul

A few days ago I took advantage of a really great sale/coupon promotion Joann’s was having, and stocked up on fabric and supplies for the next few projects I’m going to be working on.

(Note: You can click on the picture for a link to buy any of the thing I got)

These four fabrics are all flannel prints, and I plan on using them to make boxer style shorts. I got 1 yard of the whale print, 1 yard of the cat print, 1 yard of the bee print, and two yards of the hedgehog print. Each one of these fabrics was $2.79/yard, which was over half off the original price. I really love how snuggly and soft all of these are (which makes sense considering 3 out of the 4 are called snuggle flannels), and I think that they will make really comfy and cute sleeping shorts. I haven’t made any type of short or pant before, so i think that starting with something loose and simple will be a really great learning process for me.

Lining: Floral: Not Available Online


The other two fabrics I got were these gray fabrics. The solid colored one on the left is a static free lining fabric, and the floral one on the right is a calico cotton from Joann’s Keepsake Calico Collection. I plan on making a fully lined dress out of these, with a basic bodice and a 1/2 circle skirt bottom. I got 3 yards of each fabric, which was estimating high, but I always prefer having leftover fabric to running out. The lining cost $3.99/yard (50%off)and the floral print also cost $3.99/yard (60%off). I didn’t bother putting these fabrics on bolts, because I’m starting this project right away – in fact I’ve already cut pieces out at the time when this blog is going up.

The last thing I picked up was a couple of notions. I got 2 zippers, one of them a gray 22 inch zipper, and one of them a white 7 inch zipper. They were  $5.49 and $2.74. I plan on using the gray one for the gray dress I also bought fabric for. I don’t have a specific plan for the white one yet, but I’m sure it will get used for one of the skirts that I make. I bought two 3 yard bunches of 3/4 inch white elastic. I plan on using this for the waistbands of the pj shorts I am going to make with the flannel fabrics. They cost $2.99 each with coupons. I also got this really lovely satin red thread – to go along with a seahorse print fabric I didn’t end up buying. So I don’t really have a use for it, but I also want to go back and see if they stock more of that fabric so I can pick it up.

Overall I feel really good about my purchases this trip – I went in with a plan and didn’t spend over my budget. The only thing that I regret is that they didn’t have enough of the red seahorse print for me to use – there wasn’t even a yard left on the bolt at the store. I’m really excited for the projects I have planned, and also for sharing them!


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